Military inspired fashion // Shearling jackets and coats


Getting ready for the extremely cold season is not that frustrating when you know that there is a shearling coat waiting to go out. Fashionable yet functional, exceptionally warm and cozy, versatile and hypoallergenic luxury garment has a rich history, tracing back military era. Shearling leather jackets are still in fashion as it was created and none of designers could beat the original style. Hollywood movie machos as Robert Redford, Tom Hardy, Bruce Willis, Ed Harris made shearling coats and jackets even more hype and desired. 

The most iconic shearling jacket type is B-3 Bomber Shearling Jacket or Flight Jacket which was created by Germans in World War I and also worn by US army pilots in World War II. Being irreplaceable, shearling coats and jackets became a famous statement of fashion. Legendary actor Tom Hardy could definitely be your shearling style icon nowadays. In the Dunkirk movie, which is based on 1940s historical events, Tom Hardy played the leading character as Farrie and wore an epic B-3 Bomber type shearling jacket. One more hype celebrity shearling type is the Swedish M1909 Field coat worn by Bane (Tom Hardy) in The Dark Knight Rises film. This is the same coat that Bruce Willis wore in 12 Monkeys and also worn by Ed Harris in Enemy at the Gates. This heavy, durable and warm coat would appeal to snipers in World War II. 







You should know that original shearling comes from a young lamb, tanned with the wool still intact, whereas sheepskin is obtained from a grown sheep. This distinction is important because sheepskin is rougher to the touch and not as soft as shearling. Shearling coats are stronger and more rugged than any other material, they are also warmer than duck or goose and lighter than fur in terms of weight. Water-resistant and moisture-wicking qualities makes it a particularly worthy asset in any extreme weather situation. One of the shearling heros is Robert Redford who as a rebel skier David Chappelet showed how one should sport a shearling jacket in the Downhill Racer movie in 1969.

Shearling is such timeless and investment worthy item, so various designers offer their own variations of these classic coats with around $1,000 and even more to spend. But there is always a better way to stay environmentally friendly and save a great amount of money by choosing your favorite shearling style from Second First in perfect quality.


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