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Military inspired fashion is a timeless heritage with one of the most iconic items ever invented - the trench coat. From the battlefields to Hollywood, from Humphrey Bogart and Alain Delon to Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss, the trench became a state of an effortlessly cool, powerful, mysterious and high-class persona.

The name “trench” comes literally from the trenches where the coats were worn by the British Army during World War I. It was very exclusive outwear issued only to British Officers and Warrant Officers 1st Class.

Burberry's Trench Coat in Military Uniform, 1910

The evolution of the trench coat began before World War I. From 1823 Charles Macintosh invented revolutionary weatherproof styles of coats called “macs” that began to be used by Army personnel. However, the fabric was not breathable, had an unpleasant smell and could even melt in the heat of the sun. So the better alternative must have been developed and there are two British luxury clothing manufacturers who claim to have created the trench: Aquascutum by John Emary and Burberry by Thomas Burberry. Burberry is still rocking the fashion world today being all the time leaders in trench coat production and creating impeccable styles for both men and women.

“Everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world.” Angela Ahrendts (CEO of Burberry from 2006 to 2014).

Trench Coat Streetstyle Man 2019

The trench is much more than just a coat. Every feature serves its purpose being lightweight, warm and weatherproof relief. Beyond the function, the trench coat is a statement of fashion characterised by the wide lapels, epaulettes, large pockets and belted waist. Neutral khaki, beige and black shades are always easy to match with your favorite sneakers, boots or high-heels for casual day or fancy occasion.

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